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  • gawley7

I ❤️ electronic music

I made this website to host my creations, experiments and thoughts about electronic music.

Ever since I was a kid, there's been something about the collision of technology and music that just speaks to me. The first tape I owned was The Synthesiser Album. I marvelled at the sounds, the sequences, the emotion that seemed to be pouring from these inert machines. The idea that voltages and signals and computers can generate beautiful and unique sounds and rhythms is amazing.

Since then my musical journey has always favoured the electronic. From New Romantics to New Order. Happy Mondays to Happy Hardcore. Technotronic to Techno. I've always unashamedly preferred synthetic sounds.

In my teens, first with my Amiga, and then with a PC I got into trackers. Those were the days of living within 1MB of RAM and programming using strange opcodes. As with all electronic music production (in my experience) it was equal parts creative, mathematical, exhilerating and frustrating!

After many years of music making hiatus (but no gap in discovering, listening and head-nodding) I thought it was time again to try making. So I'm learning. I'm learning about sound and music. I'm learning about software and hardware. And I'm going to document all those things here.

I hope you like it.

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